Alicja Eiliakas (LT)


Alicja Eiliakas - a psychotherapist by education, believes that art is the shortest way to the most dark corners of the human soul. Whereas a sound therapy is her passion since about 2008, when she started to play a Gong and decided to learn basics of the sound therapy from great Gong Masters Tom Czartoryski and Don Conreaux.

Alicja is a founder of the therapeutic-development space called "Art to Be" ("Menas būti"). It is a studio, which became a cradle of sound therapy in the Baltic States. It is a place, where the first Gong baths and trainings were held.

Currently Alicja together with her partner Richard conducts sounds therapy sessions, Gong baths, meditations, trainings and workshops in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Norway. In their trainings Alicja and Richard combines various therapeutic and artistic methods: musical improvisations, spontaneous singing, dance and movement therapies, art therapy et al. The sounds of gongs became their passion that also infects lots of their students and groups of participants.

One of the greatest their passions at the present time are sound sessions called "Gong Baths" and concert-meditations named "Sound mysteries". The couple has already held a whole range of joint projects with various artists of different music movements: "Old Town Mysteries", "Christmas Sound Mystery", "Sound Mystery of the Universe" and others. Currently, their son Lukas joined the Sound Mystery project as well. He is a rock band guitarist that creates beautiful music to ballads and shruti songs in projects mentioned above.

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