Paiste mallets and gong stands are manufactured to Paiste’s specifications, standards for top quality and durability.

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Gong Shaper
Gongs are among the world’s most ancient musical instruments.

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Learn more about the Anatomy of Gongs, the Gong Striking Areas, the Suspension of Gongs, Gong Cleaning and the Transportation/Handling of Gongs.
Venus 2432" Sound Creation Gong No.3A Earth

Each Sound Creation Gong has an extraordinary and particular sound character. Their impressive sound charisma provides emotionally influencing sensations. For the 32" SCG No.3A Earth they can best be described as mysterious, unfathomable, knowing, allowing, inexorable and kind.

Gong Selection

Paiste has formed an elite class of Gong Centers. This new and growing group of stores are all specialized in gongs, displaying the most interesting and complete presentation of Paiste Gongs, plus providing you with great knowledge about are vast selection of gongs.

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Search for some of the worlds greatest Gong players. Check out our Gong Artists.

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